2019 lineup

look what we have in store for you for our 25th annual festival! There are more coming, so check back again soon!


twin flames

Twin Flames band creates a sonic landscape that spans Canada and the Arctic. Honouring their ancestors, they sing songs in English, Inuttitut and French. Consecutive year winners 2016, 2017 of The Canadian Folk Music Award; Aboriginal Songwriters of the year. website


Caleb Hart

No matter how many changes the music industry experiences, the one thing that always remains, is the power of a passionate live show. Caleb Hart has the ability to bring something fresh, honest and powerful every time he steps on a stage. website

Five Alarm Funk 2019-490 BW_web.jpg

Five Alarm Funk

Five Alarm Funk bristles with fiery rhythms, punchy horns and gang-chant vocals that have ignited fans across Canada, down into the U.S., and as far away as Taiwan. website



Namgar Lhasaranova’s voice is as immense as her Siberian homeland. The Buryat vocalist / instrumentalist fronts the group Namgar doesn’t sound quite like anything else. Lhasaranova’s impressive vocal range can go from playful and childlike to gigantic and soaring within the space of a few minutes. website

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The Dungarees

The Dungarees have a definitive musical mandate; Take the undeniable lyrical styling, twangy telecaster and steel guitar that they love from classic country, and inject it with harmony, modern intensity and pop sensibility. website


Don Alder

Don Alder from Vancouver, BC has earned his place as one of the top acoustic guitarists in the world and is the only guitarist to win all of the top prestigious guitar competitions armed with just an acoustic guitar. website



Mip writes edgy power pop, rock ‘n’ roots music that is coloured by an eclectic mix of genres ranging from gospel to post punk. Her lyrics are smart, her songs are colourful, and her performances are dynamic. website


Noah Derksen

An American-citizen born and raised in the heart of the Canadian prairies while maturing on the west coast of British Columbia, Noah Derksen writes with the groundedness of harsh Manitoba winters mixed with the optimism of British Columbia’s coastline. website


Al Simmons

Juno Award winner Al Simmons is a creative genius whose charm and humanity have won over a legion of fans at theaters and festivals around the world. His highly original performances of profound wackiness and his off-the-wall inventions take the arts of Music and Comedy to unparalleled heights of hilarity. website


Betty & the Kid

Betty & the Kid (Betty Supple & Aubrey Burke) merge nostalgic, vintage, folklorika with their own freaky, wild child styles. website


Big Fancy

Invoking the masters of Old Time, Country, Blues, and Ragtime, Big Fancy roams the land, a true troubadour moonshiner with a sharp wit and love-lorn voice who’ll break your heart like an echo from a hidden treasure of a record collection.



Chad-E-Ose works hard to get you moving. With that goal in mind, he mixes everything from new to old with his own twist of deep bass and funky rhythms. You will often catch him joining the dance floor for a good boogie during his set! website

Simbiyez Wilson_web.jpg

Simbiyez Wilson

I am a small town musician with songs filled with heart, soul and many genres. I tend to pick something jazzy with some melodies that are complimented by a beat played by my amazing partner Oscar.


Studio 720

Birthed by the mountains and molded by the force of northern British Columbia, Studio 720 has a versatile approach to hard rock. This thunderous sonic-kick-to-the-face are sure to supply the soundtrack to get your night moving. website

Junktime Puppets_web.jpg

Junktime Puppets

Junktime Puppets is a collective of artists who specialize in theatre, performance art, music, and puppet making. They joined forces in 2012 and began creating shows with timely, satirical material. website

CLV close-up_sm_web.jpg

C’est La Vie

C’est La Vie is a 6 piece band from the the Kispiox Valley and Two Mile. They’ve been together for over 5 years and love what they do! They play French and English songs that are lively and upbeat as well as poignant beautiful ballads. This fun-loving band plays a variety of genres with great vocals and gorgeous harmonies.

Full Lineup

Twin Flames  •  Caleb Hart  •  Five Alarm Funk  •  Namgar  •  The Dungarees  •  Don Alder  •  MIP  •  Noah Derksen  •  Al Simmons  •  Betty & the Kid  •  Big Fancy  •  Bluegrass Jam  •  Brad and the Alert Police  •  C’est La Vie  •  CELTIC CLOVER  •  ChaD-E-Ose  •  Chicken Creek  •  Coastal Drifters  •  Junktime Puppets  •  Mighty Mud  •  Missing Lynx  •  Simbiyez Wilson  •  Steve Little Band  •  Studio 720  •  The Counterfeit Saints  •  The Damn Beavers  •  The Dearly Departed  •  The Hampsters  •  The Harp Muse  •  The Racket  •  The RevelatorS  •  Zanna & the Zigzags

…and more